Understanding Paternity Action and What It Means in Utah

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Children born out of marriage are no longer considered a taboo. In fact, the United States has one of the highest numbers of unmarried childbirths. As of 2020, the percentage of births to unmarried women has increased to 40.5%. This number was just 18% in 1980. However, unmarried childbirth can lead to legal complications. When a married couple gives birth, the … Read More

How to Find a Family Law Attorney Best Suited to Your Needs

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Family law is a branch of civil law that deals with legal issues between family members. It often defines the legal relationships of parents, children, spouses, domestic partners, and guardians. In other words, family law addresses legal complications like divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, and paternity, among others. You will need to hire a competent family law attorney when filing for … Read More

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Elder Law Attorney

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Entering your golden years is probably the best phase of your life. You no longer have to raise children and follow a 9-to-5 routine. In other words, it’s time to live your best life. But getting older also means taking care of your health – physical and financial. As you or your loved ones enter their golden years, consulting an elder … Read More

6 Ways an Elder Law Attorney Can Help You

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If you’re like us, you probably look forward to entering your golden years. After all, the average American wishes to stop working at 62 years of age and enjoy retirement in peace.  But the older you get, the likelier you are to be impacted by legal issues involving aging. This can include anything from property disputes to possible incapacity. Advanced … Read More

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

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Why You Should Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

Believe it or not, almost everyone has an estate: whether it’s your home, car, real estate, checking/saving accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, or other personal belongings. You’ve probably spent your entire life building it from the ground. But what happens to your possessions when you’re no longer around?  Like 33% of Americans, you may want to dictate how your estate … Read More

Guardianship vs Power of Attorney: Everything You Need to Know

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Guardianship and power of attorney

Most of us take our decision-making faculties for granted. We trust ourselves to know what’s best, no matter the scenario. However, this might change down the line.  Your capacity to make decisions can be affected by illness, injury, or age. For example, certain mental health conditions, such as dementia, can cause you to lose control over your cognitive functions.  So, … Read More

Do You Need to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

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Legally speaking, nearly everyone has an estate.  Your estate consists of all the property you own, including your home, cars, furniture, bank accounts, and cash, among other things.   You’ve probably worked very hard to acquire these assets. As a result, it may be worth your while to decide what happens to them once you pass away.  This is what estate planning is … Read More

7 Cases Where You’ll Need a Family Law Attorney

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Disagreements between family members are common. But when these arguments morph into a full-blown legal battle, you will need to enlist some external support to back you up. That’s where a family law attorney enters the scene.  As the name suggests, family law attorneys specialize in all things family law. These include marriage, divorce, custody, guardianship, and estate planning, among … Read More

7 Tips to Help You Find a Great Elder Law Attorney in Utah

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While growing old can be a rewarding experience, it often poses several legal challenges regarding healthcare, housing, financial well-being, and long-term care. That’s why you need a reputable elder law attorney in your corner.  Elder law attorneys are specially trained to navigate the complex waters of aging. They can help seniors or their caregivers handle a range of issues, such … Read More