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How We Help You Through Your Divorce

Let’s find the best solution for you and your family.

High Asset Divorces

Ensure you keep what’s rightfully yours.

Property Division

Maximize your property settlement, holdings, investments, and premarital assets.

Separation Agreements

Separation provides similar legal provisions without ending the marriage – and is ideal in certain situations.

Business Protection

Take the right steps to protect your private company during a divorce.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Protect your financial interests – whether you’re the payer or receiver.

Child Custody

Do what’s best for your dependents.

Steps 1-10

How Does the Divorce Process in Utah Work?

Prepare Documents1

With the help of a divorce lawyer in Utah, you will need to complete the necessary divorce forms. To be eligible for a divorce in Utah, you and your spouse must have lived in the state for at least three months. If you have minor children, they must have resided in Utah for at least six months.

File for Divorce 2

Divorce documents must be filed with the court clerk of your home county – with a filing fee of $310 – to open the divorce case.

Serve Your Spouse 3

Once the divorce petition is filed, you have 120 days to serve documents and a summons to your spouse. This can be completed via mail, the sheriff’s department, or a private company. Once served, your spouse has 21 days to respond – or 30 days if they are out of state. If your spouse does not respond, you may request a default judgment, which grants you everything requested in the petition.

90-Day Waiting Period4

Under divorce laws in Utah, judges must wait 90 days after the divorce petition is filed to sign the final divorce order – regardless of whether spouses agree on the issues.

Divorce Education (If Applicable)5

Divorcing couples with minor children are required to take a divorce education and divorce orientation class before the final decree is signed. These classes are available in-person or online.

Mediation for Contested Issues6

Once the spouse responds to the divorce filing, both parties are required to take part in mediation before a divorce can be granted.

Temporary Order (If Applicable)7

Some issues need to be addressed before the divorce is final. This includes who may use the marital home or who has custody of minor children while the divorce is pending. A judge will issue a temporary order, which is effective through the final divorce decree.

Name Restoration 8

Spouses who changed their name upon marriage can return to their pre-marriage name at this point In the process. This involves a statement with the divorce petition to prompt the name change.

Trial (If Necessary)9

If both parties are unable to reach an agreement in the divorce decree, the next step is going to trial. While going to trial is relatively rare in divorce cases, you need an experienced divorce attorney in Utah to navigate the challenges of court. Our firm has more than 15 years of trial experience – and we’re here to lead you through every step.

Get Divorce Decree 10

Once the judge signs the final divorce decree following trial or mediation, you and your spouse are legally divorced. Any appeals to the judge’s decision must be filed within 30 days.

Why Choose Jeremy Atwood as Your Divorce Lawyer in Utah


We have been helping families navigate divorce laws in Utah for over 15 years. Our knowledge of the state’s court system and family law is instrumental in building aggressive cases to earn the best outcome.

Trial Expertise

Most divorce cases are settled out of court – but if yours goes to trial, you need to be prepared. Our near-two decades of litigation experience enables us to fiercely fight for rights and navigate the entire process effectively and efficiently.

Skilled Representation

Jeremy's firm has been helping families navigate divorce laws in Utah for over 16 years. Our knowledge of the state’s court system and family law is instrumental in building aggressive cases to earn the best outcome.

What people are saying

Jeremy has helped many Utah families with Divorce since 2008. Hear from some of our happy clients from Ogden to Salt Lake City.
“Excellent service!! Fast and affordable have been trying to get a divorce of 14 years of marriage he got it done in 30 days really recommend this attorney office very profesional. Thank you for your help Jeremy”
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Divorce"Done in 30 days"
“I'm very happy with the prenuptial agreement created with Jeremy Atwood! He charges by the hour and not by the document, which saved me $250. Jeremy knows family law!
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Prenuptial Agreement"Experience"
“Jeremy help me with my custody case several years ago. Easy to work with, honest and also willing to help you save a few bucks by letting you do some of the leg work yourself.”
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Child Custody"Honest attorney"

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