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We expect our homes to be a haven of peace and comfort. But things can quickly take a bad turn when there’s an issue within the family. Family problems can affect every aspect of your life, including your finances, health, and mental well-being. That’s where family law comes in.
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What Are the Types of Family Law Cases We Handle?

Here are a few family law areas we specialize in.


Nearly half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, and Utah is no exception. Some divorces are cordial, where the spouses part ways on friendly terms. Others, however, are incredibly aggressive and stressful.

At Jeremy Atwood, your family law attorney understands that each divorce is different. We also know that the right legal counsel can help you turn a failed marriage into a fresh start.

We work on several legal issues associated with divorce, including

Child support



Regardless of your marital state, we’ll help you make the best of your situation and ensure you can continue your life confidently. Trust us to minimize the emotional and financial cost of a split-up!
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Divorce attorney utah

Separation Agreements

Every couple has arguments, but not all marriages have to end in divorce. Sometimes, you might want to take a step back from your relationship and pour over your priorities.

A separation is a step down from a divorce, wherein spouses can receive the same legal provisions (spousal support, child custody, property division) without ending their marriage. If this sounds like something you want to sign up for, talk to our family law attorneys in Utah to make an informed decision.

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Child Custody

Divorces can be extremely hard on your children, and we understand that their well-being is crucial to you. As a parent, you must be sure your child’s interests are protected during custody hearings. That’s why we keep your children front and center when developing a strategy for divorce.

We’ll fight for a custody arrangement that is most beneficial for your children.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Although prenups are notorious for throwing a damper on romance, they can come in handy. Nobody knows what the future holds. Hence, it makes perfect sense to protect your personal property and finances should the marriage come to an unfavorable end.

Whether you’re looking to safeguard your money before marriage or you’d like a legal agreement after you walk down the aisle, our team of family law attorneys in Utah will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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Property Division

The division of property after a divorce can significantly alter each party’s financial situation. The family law attorney at Jeremy Atwood understand that this can be a frightening prospect.

Hence, we do everything in our power to maximize your property settlement, especially with high-value estates, businesses, complex holdings, investments, and premarital assets. Our lawyers can offer you the competent representation you need.

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Jeremy Atwood, Family Law Attorney
Jeremy Atwood, Family Law Attorney

Other family law cases we handle


Estate planning

Wills and trusts


What people are saying

Jeremy has helped many Utah families with Divorce, Elder law, and Estate Planning since 2008. Hear from some of our happy clients from Ogden to Salt Lake City.

“Excellent service!! Fast and affordable have been trying to get a divorce of 14 years of marriage he got it done in 30 days really recommend this attorney office very profesional. Thank you for your help Jeremy”
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Divorce"Done in 30 days"
“I'm very happy with the prenuptial agreement created with Jeremy Atwood! He charges by the hour and not by the document, which saved me $250. Jeremy knows family law!
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Prenuptial Agreement"Experience"
“Jeremy help me with my custody case several years ago. Easy to work with, honest and also willing to help you save a few bucks by letting you do some of the leg work yourself.”
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Why Choose Us?

A well planned approach

When it comes to family law, a strategic, well-planned approach can make a world of difference to the outcome of your case. Our family law attorneys will sit with you, listen to your story, and work out a plan that checks all your boxes. We don’t believe in half-measures- once we take up your case, we go all in.

Litigation experienced

While most family law cases settle out of court, some may go to trial. If this happens, we’ll use our litigatory experience to present your case in the best possible light and fiercely defend your rights.

15 years of experience

Our knowledge of Utah family law and the court system sets us apart and enables us to identify the right game plan for your case. Whether it’s an aggressive litigation strategy or a more collaborative tactic, we can develop a personalized course of action to give your case the attention it deserves.

Jeremy Atwood, Divorce Attorney
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Comprehensive Family Law Solutions

Dealing with a rift within the family is painful, to say the least. It’s hard fighting loved ones. But as the going gets tough, you must take action to protect yourself and those around you. How? With Jeremy Atwood. As a seasoned family law attorney, he understand the intricacies of Utah family law. Additionally, he believes in one-on-one consultations, straightforward advice, and honest opinions.
Our team is ready to give you the information and guidance you need to make the right decisions for your future. We’re not just experts in our field - we genuinely care about our clients and want what’s best for them.

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A certified family law attorney in Utah can be the missing piece to your case. The lawyers at Jeremy Atwood have extensive experience dealing with family law matters and are committed to bringing you the closure you deserve.

We will handle your case with the utmost professionalism, honesty, and passion, breaking down the legal process for you to understand. What’s more, we vow to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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