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An experienced attorney for elder law, Jeremy Atwood is aware that more people are now understanding the importance of creating wills, trusts, power of attorney documents, and other legal instruments to protect their assets. The elder law attorney at Jeremy Atwood Law is here to help you do exactly this.
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Compassionate Elder Law Attorney with Your Best Interest at Heart

Elder law matters are typically complex in nature. But as we grow older, planning for certain financial, medical, and personal needs should be prioritized in order to secure our future. This school of thought lies at the heart of elder law, which enables thousands of American seniors to make decisions about their welfare and sort out their concerns in a legally enforceable manner. We’re a leading law firm in Utah and work by leveraging our skills and experience in the elder law arena to help families make optimal decisions about their assets. Our certified elder law attorney understands that having an ironclad plan in place can help alleviate the possibility of familial disputes, especially pertaining to caring for a loved one. When it comes to planning, it’s never too early to start. However, solid planning requires a knowledgeable Utah elder law attorney who will listen to you and thoroughly understand your needs.At Jeremy Atwood Law, our seasoned elder law attorney routinely help people with matters pertaining to Utah elder law, estate planning, probate administration, and more. We use our experience and knowledge to draft a watertight legal strategy and prepare documents that meet your needs.Visit our Northern Utah offices or call (801) 682-5234 for an elder law attorney free consultation.
Includes Medicaid & Veteran Healthcare

What is elder law?

As the name suggests, elder law is an area of legal practice that’s concerned with the various needs of the elderly. This can mean dealing with legal issues associated with Medicaid or Veteran healthcare benefits, forming wills and trusts, and creating power of attorney documents. Most often, elder law comprises financial matters and estate planning. It can also be invoked when dealing with medical concerns and family structure.

However, don’t be fooled by the term “elder.” You can (and probably should) start planning for these decisions sooner rather than later in life. That’s because life can be unpredictable and unexpected situations can arise without a warning, leaving an individual incapable of making decisions on their own volition. Having a trust, will, and power of attorney documents ready in such situations can be immensely helpful.

Further, certain long-term healthcare benefits available via Medicaid or Veteran Affairs can be asset-dependent. In such cases, strong estate planning, with the help of an elder law attorney, can provide you with quicker and easier access to these benefits when you actually need them.

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Conservatorships and Guardianships

Many decisions to be made

In order to determine whether or not a conservatorship or guardianship is imperative, and if the authority should be full or limited, you need to not only know your various options but also be able to make sense of them. More often than not, families have a hard time making these decisions.

Why you need a qualified attorney

As emotional as conservatorship and guardianship matters can be, they can also be complex. Working out a plan with the assistance of a qualified elder law attorney in Utah may be necessary as well as beneficial.

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Love ones may not want guardianship

Needless to say, people want nothing but the best for their loved ones, but they have trouble understanding how and when to get involved. Sometimes, the person in need of protection doesn’t realize it or doesn’t want anyone to provide conservatorship or guardianship. These kinds of situations necessitate expert recommendations from a certified elder law attorney.

Present to court to obtain a verdict

Once we have the necessary medical, financial, and legal details, we’ll present them to the court and work to obtain a verdict that’s best for our clients. Of course, we’ll keep in touch and continue to guide you as the matter progresses.

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We Know Utah Probate Law


Our attorney for elder law work hard to protect elderly people facing exploitation. Often, this happens due to the lack of a sound estate plan. It’s, therefore, best to start the estate planning process earlier on and get a knowledgeable elder law attorney to draw up an estate plan that ensures your rights are protected.We also help family members navigate the probate process while respecting their privacy.
Our team understands that loved ones could be grieving a loss at this time. We, therefore, try to make the legal process as easy as possible. We expertly handle the probate process so our client can take their time to mourn the loss of a loved one.
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Estate Planning

While our attorney for elder law cannot predict the future, they can certainly help you secure it through timely and strategic moves. As soon as we’re aware of our client’s needs and goals, we help create an estate plan that comprises:

Written Will

A written will that declares your heir(s)


Trust(s) for protecting your assets

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney documents to manage your finances on your behalf

Advanced Directives

Advanced directives for simplifying medical care and end-of-life decisions

Having said that, we do realize that not everyone may need to create trust. To help you determine whether or not you need one, our elder law attorney will sit down with you and discuss your assets. Our experience in this area enables us to bring unique insights that are helpful at the time of drafting a trust that meets our client’s needs and keeps potential problems at bay.

Utah Elder Law Attorney You Can Count On

Thanks to the existence of elder law, individuals can plan for their future and secure their quality of life in their golden years, regardless of their health or finances.
Sometimes, long-term care planning can mean moving into elder care or another residential facility. It may also mean setting up an estate to posthumously pass on assets to loved ones or beneficiaries.
Consultation and guidance

An elder law attorney can provide consultation and guidance throughout this process to make sure the deceased’s wishes are respected. We know that deciding what happens after an elder loved one pass away can make for a difficult conversation. Hence, the elder law planning attorney at Jeremy Atwood Law offers a kind and compassionate ear and prioritizes the client’s needs above everything else.

We're easy to work with

We work in a way that makes it easier for clients to talk to us, and avoid every possibility of turning it into an overwhelming or intimidating experience. We’re committed to ensure the client’s comfort every step of the way.

If your loved one resides in a care facility

If your elder loved one resides in a care facility, our elder law attorney can provide powerful legal representation on their behalf, if the need arises. Cases of abuse and/or neglect of seniors living in nursing homes aren’t unheard of. Your elder needs a strong voice to speak up for them. Our elder law attorney is well-versed in these types of claims, and will fight to ensure that your elder is safe and duly compensated for their suffering.

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Hire an Experienced Elder Law Attorney for Your Legal Needs

It’s crucial to work with an elder law attorney Utah who is practiced in handling cases that fall under this branch of law. Our attorney for elder law have tremendous experience in dealing with elder law-related matters, and take great pride in serving the most vulnerable section of people.We realize that it takes professionalism, empathy, honesty, and compassion to handle these matters.
You can trust the team at Jeremy Atwood Law for help with simplifying the legal process.Our team will help you take care of your loved one, and deliver the most personalized and positive outcomes. Feel free to reach out to us at (801) 682-5234.
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