What is the Difference Between Elder Law and Estate Planning?

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When a new client comes to see us, they’re often eager to confirm their assets pass on to their heirs with as little as possible in taxes/other expenses. However, while prepping for a future you won’t live to see is important, you’ll also need to address the bigger, more difficult question: “What happens if I live but can’t take care … Read More

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples in Utah

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Utah has always had a higher marriage rate than the national average. However, between 2011 and 2021, Utah’s marriage rate dropped 18.6%. It went from 27.3 to 22.3 marriages per 1,000 women. In other words, more and more Utahans are living together as unmarried couples. But what concerns us as a leading estate planning attorney in Utah is that unmarried couples aren’t taking estate … Read More

The Divorce Process in Utah: A Step-by-Step Overview

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Ending a marriage is one of the hardest things many people have to do in their lifetime. Although no one wants it, things just don’t work out sometimes. It’s an emotionally, financially, and legally challenging time. If you’re looking to file for divorce in Utah, you might have questions about where to begin. Since the divorce process varies widely by … Read More

How Long Does a Divorce Process Take in Utah?

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of divorce? It’s a slow and lengthy process. In Utah, it’s no exception but as an experienced Utah divorce lawyer, we believe the answer is often in the details. Just like complications can delay your divorce, a straightforward, amicable divorce can be over before you know it. From … Read More

Do You Know When to Hire an Elder Law Attorney in Utah?

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As you or your loved ones enter their later years, enlisting an elder law attorney becomes crucial.  Why?  It’s because seniors usually have to live within a fixed income bracket and manage the escalating healthcare expenses. This necessitates significant advance planning.  Taking this aspect lightly can jeopardize a senior’s control over their finances and force them to lower their overall … Read More

Understanding Pre-Divorce Alimony in Utah: What You Need to Know

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Do half of all marriages end in divorce?  While this isn’t an exact statistic, there’s some truth to it. About 4-5 million people get married every year in the U.S., and approximately 42-53% of those marriages eventually end in divorce.  Now, when couples decide to call it quits, things can get messy. You got your lawyers, courtrooms, and a bunch … Read More

How to Navigate Property Division during a Divorce in Utah

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Divorce is more common than you think. As per the latest data, in 2021, 689,308 divorces occurred across the 45 U.S. states that report these statistics. One of the most critical aspects of getting divorced is the property division. As a professional divorce attorney in Layton, we often face the question – who gets to keep the house? Of course, both … Read More

Navigating Divorce Laws in Utah: What You Should Know

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Everyone wants to have a happy married life. Unfortunately, not all of us are so lucky – some of us want to get out of a marriage. Reasons may vary from person to person, but they want the process to be over quickly and without any hassle. And with a divorce rate of 3.3, Utah is one of the top fifteen … Read More

Joint Custody in Utah: 8 Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

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Divorce, no matter how amicable, is never easy. And when children are involved, getting custody is a primary concern for the divorcing parents. But with 40% of the US states aiming to give children equal time with each parent, you are more likely to end up with joint custody. This decision often rests on the fact that the well-being of children comes … Read More

Child Custody in Utah: What You Need to Know Before Filing for Divorce

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Nobody wants their marriage to end in a divorce. Sometimes, however, things don’t work out as hoped. Unfortunately, when a marriage ends in divorce, one of the emotionally demanding aspects is determining child custody. With an increasing number of couples getting divorced, it’s no wonder there are about 12.9 million custodial parents in the US. Utah child custody laws outline different factors when … Read More