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Jeremy Atwood brings several tools to the table for business owners. We do general corporate representation, contract processing, contract dispute resolution, real estate purchases and lease agreements, and solve other business legal problems.

Utah Contract Law

We can help small businesses with contractual law issues in Weber County, Davis County, and the surrounding area. Jeremy Atwood can help with B2B contracts, employment contracts, and other types of legally binding documents.

When, drafting a business contract, we get input from both parties to help arrive at an agreement for deliverables. When your business is pondering a contract, we can review it to resolve any discrepancies so that you don’t take on any unwanted risks. In addition, we also help with contract ligation when a party legally breaks a contract.

Business Formation and Employment

Another important area of law for business owners is business formation and employment issues. We have the resources to help you with all aspects of setting up a new business or revising your existing business documentation. We can help with LLC formation, getting a business license, and getting access to the right business tax resources.

Drafting employment documents is also an important consideration for business owners. Since Utah is a right to work state, drafting offer letters and employment handbooks will help mitigate risks when an employee chooses to leave your company.

Other Areas of Business Law Practice

There are also several other issues that impact business owners. When buying assets for your company, we can help you with document preparation and review. Commercial property investments require contracts, agreements, and titles to move the process forward. We can also help with business agreements, as well as other matters that involve legal issues with customers.

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We offer a full range of legal services, including bankruptcy, family law, business law, estate planning, foreclosures, and contract law. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you. (801) 682-5234.

Our law offices are now located in the heart of Ogden City, Utah. While many of our clients are located in this area, we also servce the greater Northern Utah area.

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Jeremy Atwood Law is a law firm whose goal is to bring you the best legal service for the lowest price, without sacrificing service or integrity.

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We share an office with Northern Realty. We are located on the North-East side of the mall.

There is an outside entrance facing East with a NORTHERN REALTY sign.

Go in the door and up the stairs. Enter the door at the top of the stairs and ask for me.

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